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Eclipse Foundation Communication Channel Guidelines v1.0

In addition to the rules below the Eclipse Foundation Code of Conduct applies in all areas.


The purpose of this document is to:

  1. Specify the expected behavior of all participants in Eclipse Foundation communication channels such as mailing lists, forums, code review tools, bug trackers, issue trackers, Zoom, Slack and Mattermost channels, and similar; and
  2. Specify the consequences of unacceptable behavior.

Spamming and Swarming

Please keep your messages on topic for each channel, and please use the appropriate channel. Spamming channels with unsolicited or commercially-focused messages is not allowed. Frequent messages which result in unwarranted churn on a channel (sometimes referred to as “swarming”) is not allowed.

Directly messaging users (unless the user has specifically requested the information) offering services, events, employment opportunities or freelance projects, is not allowed.

Unwanted Voice/Video Calling

Abuse of the voice/video calling features of any of the available channels to call users without their permission is not allowed. Accidents sometimes happen, please immediately let the user know it was a mistake.

Interaction With Staff

In addition to acting as the steward of the Eclipse community, the Eclipse Foundation is an employer. As such we are required by law to offer our employees a safe and harassment-free workplace. Any actions which are interpreted by a staff member as harassment are not allowed, and should they occur the Eclipse Foundation is required by law to take prompt and appropriate action.

Reporting an Issue

Please send an email to if you wish to report an issue under these guidelines.

Consequences of Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behavior from any community member will not be tolerated.

If a community member engages in unacceptable behavior, Eclipse Foundation staff may take any action deemed appropriate, up to and including a warning or temporary 30 day ban, along with a permanent ban for repeated or egregious violation of these guidelines. Unless otherwise determined by the EMO, consequences will escalate as follows:

  1. A warning.
  2. A temporary 30-day ban from all Eclipse Foundation channels.
  3. A permanent ban from all Eclipse Foundation channels.

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